All models are wrong, 
                                                But some are useful.

Hello! My name is Yifan Xu   
I'm a first-year Ph.D. student at UCSD

As a student researcher, I am interested in fundamental problems related to artificial intelligence, including natural language processing, computer vision, and reinforcement learning.

I'm privileged to work with professor Zhuowen Tu. Currently, an emphasis of my research rests on language modeling and visual reasoning. Tasks depend heavily on reinforcement learning.

If you are a current UCSD undergraduate student (2nd-year is preferred) who likes the research direction of the mlPC lab and is interested in joining our group, please check the admission requirements in mlPC  Research Guideline.
  • [Sep 2 2018] A series of notes on "Reinforcement Learning" is uploaded to my blog
  • [Aug 4, 2018] "Reinforcement Learning In NLP" is separated to three blogs with different focuses
  • [Aug 4, 2018] A note on Information Theory (Discrete Probability Distribution) is uploaded to my blog
  • [July 27, 2018] A note on RNN & MLE Framework is uploaded to my blog.
  • [July 25, 2018] A note on Old Version TensorFlow installation is uploaded to my blog.
  • [July 25, 2018] A note on Reinforcement Learning is uploaded to my blog.
  • [July 18, 2018] A note on GANs theory is uploaded to my blog.
  • [July 2018 - Sep 2018] I am working as a graduate student researcher at mlPC lab 
  • [June 18 - 22, 2018] I am going to be in the CVPR conference at Salt Lake City 

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